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Now playing in a classroom near you, Voyage, Voyage! is a two-part lesson plan for high school level French classes!

In Episode 1, Hélène discovers that her flight home to the US has been cancelled after a long week of work in Paris. She meets Lou, a student with a sunny disposition, who convinces her to get out and make the most of her time.

In Episode 2, Lou and Hélène continue their excursion through some of Paris's most historic places. As Hélène finds herself opening up and sharing her knowledge of French history, Lou reveals why she is heading to New York City.

What's Inside?

Created by French language educators and native speakers, the video and accompanying exercise packet put essential French language skills into practice in a funny, relatable format. Topics of review include:

  • Past and present verb conjugations 
  • Common expressions
  • Food preferences
  • Discussion of French history

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