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Introducing the 5-4-3-2-1 World Travel Rewards Accelerator Program  

AND Scholarships, Training Weekend and Loyalty Status Transfers for First Time Teachers  


We just launched an exciting accelerator of our World Traveler Rewards program that allows teachers to earn point multipliers for leading trips with ACIS by booking by certain dates. In this case the early bird doesn't get the worm, they get additional points that can be used for travel scholarships, upgraded tour experiences, cash or free travel to our Global Conferences around the world!

Receive the following points boosts by hitting the deadlines below.

  • 5x points – register by July 1, 2020
  • 4x points – register by November 1, 2020
  • 3x points – register by January 1, 2021
  • 2x points – register by March 1, 2021
  • 1x points – always offered with registration 
In case you aren't familiar, here's how points are earned:
  • Earn points for each traveling participant and bonuses for large groups 

  • Multiply points by your loyalty level. Your World Traveler Rewards level is based on the number of trips you've taken with us. The more you travel, the greater the rewards:

Additionally, teachers booking with ACIS for the first time get extra rewards:

With our World Traveler Rewards program, your domestic trip could actually result in opportunities for you to travel around the world with your rewards. Here are a few examples of what this points multiplier could do for you:

Is this your first time leading a group trip?
You will start off as a Bronze level. 
  • 30 students = 30 points!
  • Register by January 1st, 30 students = 90 points!!! Start your WTR bank and by year two you will have enough points to start a scholarship fund for your group.
  • Because we are so excited to meet you, you will also join us for a weekend in Washington D.C.
 Do you have 4-6 years of travel experience, but this is your first time traveling with ACIS?
Bring your tradition to us and start off at the Silver level. 
  • For every student that travels, you earn 2 points!
  • Register these students by January 1st and your points are multiplied….BY 3!
  • 60 Students= 360 points!  
Do you have a longstanding travel tradition with 200+ students traveling?
Bring your tradition to us and start off at the Gold level. 
  • For every traveler you earn 3 points!
  • 200 students = 600 points
  • Register students by January 1st and your points multiple BY 3!
  • 1,800 points could earn you a spot on one of our annual Summer conferences! Past destinations include Iceland, Vietnam, Italy and Japan!

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How can we multiply the points you earn for traveling with us? Fill out this form and we'll be in touch: