Dare to Compare

Dare to Compare!

How to Select the Right Educational Travel Company for You

Selecting which educational travel company to partner with for you and your students’ potential trip of a lifetime is a big decision.


We know that any company can promise you the world and they can be downright convincing in their sales pitch. To help you cut through the clutter, here’s a free checklist of items we think are vital to the success of your trip.

We invite you to do your research and talk to one of ACIS’ expert program consultants to learn more.

“ I would never take a group of students with any other company because I would be a nervous wreck! At this point, I only entrust ACIS with such a crucial undertaking.”
—Marianne P, ACIS Group Leader

“ Love, love, love ACIS. I agree with many of my colleagues who have traveled with other companies that there is just no comparison. ACIS is the very best!”
—Wendy W., ACIS Group Leader

To download the free checklist, just fill out the form.

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